How to create a credible vegan brand or profile


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It was a warming experience sharing the stage with Jason, Henya and Sean at the Vegan Digital Nomad Summit held at 8 Treasures Vegetarian. Such a brilliant, diverse and receptive crowd all smiles, we could not have asked for anything more. Thank you to those that took time out to spend an afternoon with us!

So what was covered?

Sean shared about minimalism. Speaking about how he earns an online income living as an entrepreneur and nomad travelling the world. Henya touched us with her honesty and authenticity, presenting on how she built her social media following on Instagram and on YouTube. While Jason spoke about how to invest and create passive income to do what you love. Lots of nuggets of gold from each speaker. We were extremely inspired by what everyone had to say.

To wrap things up, we presented on the topic of credibility. From publishing a book, to social media posts, competing in international events to media features, the goal was always to build it.

It takes a long time to build your credibility but you can lose it in a flick of a finger.
— Emilie

The one word that builds trust, opens doors, creates more opportunity to spread our message, then grow a business and create community? Credibility.

We share our 4 tips in this video:


Peace and Strength,

Luke and Emilie #fuelpositive