Plants...But where do you get your protein?


The eternal question isn't it?

When anyone decides to look at a plant-based diet as an alternative, this is the first question that springs to mind. Being in the fitness industry, witnessing the rise of 'paleo' and the existence of the high protein/low carb (or Atkins) perspective, we believe that more so than ever before, there is an overemphasis on this one macronutrient.

With the rise of chronic degenerative diseases, are we suffering the effects of 'proteinaholism'? (check out Dr Garth Davis's amazing book 'proteinaholic')

In this video, we address the following:

1. The transition from Animal based protein to 100% Whole foods plant-based

2. The obsession with protein

3. Why is animal protein considered 'superior'

5. Protein and cancer

6. Are plant proteins incomplete?

7. Why are plant proteins better?

8. How much protein do we actually need?

9. Reductionism to wholism - a shift.



Eat to perform, eat to thrive, eat for the future.

Peace and strength,

Luke and Emilie #fuelpositive