Getting over an 8ft wall, what to wear and how to fuel..Spartan 2016


What an incredible experience running my first Spartan Sprint in Singapore. The race started with a 3km trail run in the bush. Trails that Emilie would have appreciated! 

I have been training using M.A.F for a few months and was a blown away with how I managed to keep a consistent pace throughout. Highly recommend this technique for boosting aerobic capacity.

Based on research, this was what I wore this first race (and what I will wear again):

  1. Non cotton clothes with zero pockets - Cotton will bog you down when wet. Pockets might collect sand which is extra weight that you do not need. I wore dry-fit synthetic gear including socks
  2. Knee high socks - For rope climbs to prevent shin burns
  3. No gloves - For better grip
  4. Knee and elbow protectors - For leopard crawls. I bought mine from the $2 shop (Daiso) which worked a treat!

Was pretty disappointed that I did't get to go amphibious. All in all happy at how I was geared up. 'Run forest run' I did!

How I fuelled for the race? All in the video below. Pretty stock standard in my world. High carb and lots of fruits! 

Looking forward to the next one already!


Peace and Strength,