A delectable Plant-based Peranakan recipe!


What exactly is Peranakan culture?

Peranakan Chinese are the descendants of Chinese immigrants who came to Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia between the 15th and 17th centuries.

From this Malay influence, a unique “Nyonya” cuisine has developed using typical Malay spices as well as Chinese, Indonesian and Thai culinary elements.

If you are familiar with Peranakan cuisine,  you might wonder how it can relate to the whole food plant base diet that we advocate? True,  Peranakan cuisine is traditionally meat and oil heavy. But after meeting Celebrity Peranakan Chef Philip Chia who himself adapted his own cooking after a health scare, we realized that a bridge could definitely be built.

The following recipe is an example of how you can use the traditional Peranakan flavours and still achieve a healthy, wholesome plant based meal.


Download link for the recipe here

Fellow Singaporean friends!

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Peace and Strength,

Emilie and Luke