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Live Green Live Lean: The 3 keys

Do you want to lose that gut or have a flatter tummy? Do you want to learn a new way to look and feel younger? Have you ever dropped body fat and gained it all back plus more? Do you want to learn an easy way to stay lean, trim and healthy for life?

Many programs, pills and products out there promote transformations that are quick, fast and instant but how sustainable are they? Taking a holistic approach towards physical, mental and emotional empowerment, we believe the for lasting changes to occur, it has to happen from the inside out.

Having coached clients ranging from stay at home mums to international athletes, then training and competing at an international level, Emilie and Luke have distilled years of experience into these 3 keys.

This presentation will give tools to drop belly fat, supercharge your energy, achieve long term health, then feel young and fit again.




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