Conversations 1 - Samantha Shorkey


Bodybuilding vs Body Dysmorphia and Social vs Self Image


Awake Asia Conversations are our inbetween-isodes. In these episodes, we go beyond the usual topics of health, fitness and inspiration and chat about relationships, everyday struggles, observations, what we love and everything in between.

Episodes could be with us, or with people we know and love!

This week we manage to chat with long time buddy, team mate and all round beautiful person inside and out..Samantha Shorkey. All the way back from our Plantbuilt ( competition days, this session is about the trials and tribulations of competing as bodybuilders, body dysmorphia, what social media does to us, learning to have positive self image and the joys of parenthood.

Samantha is ready to welcome her little guy into the world any moment now. We can’t wait to meet him!

Hope you enjoy this episode. Real, honest and full of laughs :)

Who is Samantha Shorkey anyway?

Samantha is passionate about promoting a plant-based diet to the masses!. She’s an ACE-certified personal trainer and certified Weight Management Specialist who not only “talks the talk” but walked the walk for many years as a vegan bikini competitor. Her biggest claim to “vegan fame” was winning first place in my first-ever fitness competition in 2013 then earning her pro card one year later in Austin, Texas at the INBF South Western Natural Championships – making her the first ever vegan WNBF bikini pro.

Connect with Samantha on:

Instagram, her blog Jacked On The Beanstalk, her podcast


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