Episode 11 - Rebecca Cappelli


How to find your why.


Rebecca Cappelli

In this episode, Emilie and I had a chat with our friend Rebecca Cappelli, the founder of Let Us Be Heroes. Rebecca is an important ambassador and truthseeker of the plant-based and cruelty free lifestyle. She shares about her journey from the corporate world to being a Ted X & not for profit speaker and filmmaker.

In addition to chatting about Rebecca’s journey into a conscious lifestyle, we spoke about how shared values and making compromises forms the bedrock of any lasting relationship. Beyond that, we discussed about raising children in a non-vegan world and how you can start being the best version of yourself.

Emilie and I are proud to be a part of her film..Let us be heroes available for free to watch on Youtube. More about the film in this episode.

For more updates on Rebecca’s latest film and project visit https://www.slayfilm.com/.

Who is Rebecca Cappelli?

Rebecca Cappelli is a public speaker and filmmaker, with past work on a documentary called Let Us Be Heroes. The film tries to show people that they can become a line of defence for their health, the planet and the animals of the world we live in, and features many key plant based lifestyle proponents and conservationists. 

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