Episode 12 - Fraser Bayley


‘Vegan’ and a low bodyfat % does not equate to health.


Fraser Bayley

In this next episode of the show, you'll learn all about optimal performance and longevity from picking the right nutrition plans and showing how your choices can affect your entire physiology & cognition. Choosing the right foods that match both your micro and macro nutrition goals can completely change how you feel and live.

Beyond that we chat what being an evolved male is in this day and age, plus how parenthood can change and shift your value systems to be better, to be more.

Who is Fraser Bayley?

Fraser Bayley has an unusual story – having gone from being a butcher and struggling with mental illness to a passionate vegan advocate, bodybuilder and online strength & nutrition coach. In a struggle to overcome mental illnesses including bi-polar disorder and ADHD, Fraser chose to walk away from the butchery industry for good.

He never realized how health, fitness and veganism would then come together and transform his life in many amazing ways. Today, Fraser operates an online vegan health and fitness brand called Evolving Alpha with his wife Lauren, which helps other vegans and curious non-vegans get healthy, fit and strong through a range of vegan nutrition programs and coaching options.  We also discuss how you grow in different social situations and talk about how going through hardship helps you build yourself back up and work through insecurity and how to make sure you don’t pass these things on to your children.

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