Episode 6 - Joshua and Margaux


Toxic free living and raising vegan/plant-based kids.


Joshua David and Margaux Khoury

In this session, we talk about the challenges raising kids vegan, and how to overcome them. Beyond that, we also discuss toxins and why we need to be concerned about toxicity in our environment. They share tips and resources on how to move towards a cleaner and healthier home.

This was an interview Emilie and I did for this year’s plant fit summit. Because the themes shared resonated with us so much, we wanted to share it on this podcast.

Beyond that, we had Jude their 2 year old popping in every now and then  to get some cuddles from mummy so you might hear his little voice in the background :)

Who are Joshua and Margaux?

Joshua and Margaux are the founders of the best deodorant in the world. A certified, cruelty-free, organic, 100% vegan and completely safe deodorant that also has a social impact with providing clean water to people in developing nations. They are also parents to their 3 little children Maddox, Olivia and Jude whom they raised fully vegan.

This episode’s show notes:

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His webpage, Instagram

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