Episode 8 - Rik Schnabel


Live awake and leaving a legacy


Rik Schnabel

In this episode I am joined with Rik Schnabel. Rik is one of Australia’s leading transformational coaches. He is the founder of Life Beyond limits and is best for being the ‘Brain Untrainer’. Rik is a businessman, a leader, a and coach. Rik has also been a great friend of mine over the past decade or so..more than that, he has been my mentor as well. He has been instrumental in paving the path for me to becoming the man that I am today as my life and business coach.

In this session we dive deep into what being awake means. Learning to face your truth..how values and beliefs drive our actions or inactions. We also chat about dire state that the world is in today and what we need to collective do to evolve before all is gone. It all starts with the raising of our collective consciousness.

Beyond that we chat about relationships, why they fail and if you are with someone, what you can do to build a lasting one. If you’ve lost the spark with your partner...this episode may be for you.

How to be awake in your relationships, life...and leaving a legacy? All in today’s episode.

This episode’s show notes:

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