Episode 9 - Teri Mosey


You are not your genes!


Teri Mosey

In this session we have Teri Mosey. I met Teri few years ago at the Asia Fitness Conference in Thailand. I was blown so blown away with her depth of knowledge in epigenetics and holistic health…  and got her to be a guest of the 2018 plant fit summit and now this podcast. Coming from a classical physics and science background, I absolutely love how she blends ancient teachings of traditional Chinese medicine, India’s chakra system to our most current understandings of mind-body physiology, neurobiology, and quantum physics.

In this episode, we do a big picture overview of mind body physiology and holistic nutrition. You’ll learn how food and emotions affect the way we digest and assimilate nutrients. We explore the latest in consciousness research, what it is and how  it ultimately affects our health and wellbeing. We also discover what the chakra system is and how the energy centres of our body affect the way we thin, feel and live.

Who is Teri Mosey?

 Teri is an international speaker, health and wellness consultant, and author of The Hidden Messages in Food. For twenty five years she has been working in various arenas of the health and wellness industry. Teri's background includes biochemistry laboratory research for immunological and neurological diseases, exercise prescription design for therapeutic programs, holistic nutrition consulting and education, culinary demonstrations and hands-on cooking events, and speaking engagements for allied health professionals and community members around the world.

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