A.W.A.K.E and Alive book

A.W.A.K.E and Alive book


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In an increasingly image and profit-driven society where we have more resources, technology and opportunities than ever before, some say that we have progressed… but have we really? Unfit, unwell, undernourished and unsatisfied, most of us are drifting through life in varying states of unconsciousness.

Awake and Alive: Harness your mental and physical potential through a plant-based lifestyle takes you on a journey through the 5-step AWAKE method to help you achieve optimal health and mental clarity while living a life of authenticity.

Through the revolutionary AWAKE method in this book, you’ll find:

  • Tried and tested fitness training programs to help you grow stronger
  • Mindset coaching exercises to help you become clearer
  • Plant-based recipes to nourish your body and satisfy your tastebuds
  • Inspirational interviews with successful plant-fueled athletes and advocates

If you are floundering and can’t seem to find your purpose and you’re drawn to look into a fresh perspective, give yourself the gift of awakening. This book is for you. 

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