Luke is powerful speaker and communicator. He has a unique approach in combining vulnerability with clarity and vision that takes the audience on an emotionally tuned in adventure. Luke is one of my favourite speakers of all time.
— Dotsie Bausch, Olympic Silver Medalist, cycling World Record Holder 8 x U.S. National Champion
Luke and Emilie are a highly engaging and effective speakers. An amazing combination of brawn and brains, they speak with passion on the topic of health and wellness through a plant-based diet. Inspiring individuals in their own right, Luke and Emilie speak with clarity and energy, giving great value to the audience.
— Dr George Jacobs, President of Vegetarian Society (Singapore)
Luke is on one of the leading voices for plant-based health, fitness and lifestyle. He’s extremely driven, honest and compassionate. Luke brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and inspiration to living an authentic and performance driven conscious lifestyle. I highly recommend Luke and his work as a speaker and coach.
— Rik Schnabel, Best Selling Author, Success Coach & Mentor (Life Beyond Limits, Australia)


Awake and alive  

Emilie and Luke both have experienced their archetypal decent. Emilie suffering from sexual abuse and Luke, a botched suicide attempt and a near conviction. Both have been at the lowest points of their lives but decided one day that enough was enough. What a journey it has been for them to rise above all adversity. To charge forward leaving no stone unturned. This presentation will give you perspective on how to overcome setbacks, triumph from adversity, then unleash your truest and most authentic self.

Maximising your impact  

Competing as an athlete, helping others as a coach, becoming an author then pursuing a path in entrepreneurship. Luke believes that the best way to promote a fit, healthy and purpose driven life is to be a shining example of it. Whether it’s using your own voice or story or magnifying others, learn how you can maximise your impact advocating a conscious lifestyle.

Get Plant Fit

Be it health, fitness or sustainability, a plant-powered lifestyle is fast gaining momentum. Athletes are now turning to a plant-based diet to boost their performance while medical practitioners are now advocating a plant-based nutrition for treatment of chronic disease. Whether you want to lose weight, reclaim your health, enjoy a long life, protect the health of your loved ones or pursue your dreams - in sports and in life, a plant-based lifestyle is the answer.

Wherever you are (not plant-based, plant-curious, vegetarian, vegan), this workshop aims to provide you with knowledge and practical tips to maintain a fit and healthy body for life!

The Plant-Powered Athlete

Why are athletes turning to a plant-based diet to improve recovery? Are you wanting to bulletproof your health, experience sustainable weight loss and supercharge your performance?

This workshop aims to address common misconceptions about a plant-based diet. From how much protein you need, what supplementation to the relevance of food pairing. Whether it’s achieving sustainable weight loss, lean muscle gain, improving digestion, boosting athletic performance (strength/endurance) or optimising long term health, this presentation will provide you with with the fundamental principles of a healthy plant-based diet for fitness.

Workshops & Tutorials

  1. Plant Fit Basics - A food demonstration workshop with tasty recipes that you can impress your friends with. Learn how to get started on the right foot and foods.

  2. Plant-Fit Parenting - Learn tips on how to inspire little ones to be active whilst enjoying their beans and greens.

  3. Move for life - Functional and endurance training sessions that keep you moving & grooving for life.


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