Anthony Marion

As I always thought I was a focused and strong-minded person, things begun to dip sharply when I faced some difficult challenges both mentally and emotionally with those around me in my network. As a result I became stagnant and was mentally bored and frustrated – alas, the onset of apathy and generally feeling de-motivated.

After running into Luke, we quickly established rapport, and I provided him with a brief insight into my training and general lifestyle. He provided many great points that I could utilise quickly to handle the difficult things, and suggested I try coaching with him for my fitness and mindset. As I was somewhat skeptical of NLP practices, I undertook my own research into it, and decided that it could be a good thing to help change my internal dialogue, and to get me to”re-focus” again.

Over a numbered of structured sessions Luke was able to pin-point the real underlying problems, and help to change my internal dialogue surrounding my limiting beliefs and pessimistic attitude. Whenever I started to feel complacent, he was easy to get in contact with and always provided strong words of encouragement to help me along the way, well after our sessions were concluded.

His genuine, dedicated interest in helping people achieve their true potential is unparalleled. His time and dedication to helping me overcome my aforementioned dilemma’s, show Luke is a true professional. I will be strongly recommending his services to those within my network.

Anthony Marion, Business Development Manager

Luke TanComment