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Luke was incredibly motivational and informative during not only the program, but my transition to a plant based diet from an omnivorous one. He always made himself available for important (and not so important) questions. Anything from emailing me a copy of my program (because I left it at home) to advice on how to peel a lemon (I had absolutely no idea).

Aside from the physical benefits, I’ve gained a huge amount of knowledge over the last 12 weeks. I’ve learnt a huge amount about plant-based nutrition and how to structure an effective meal plan. I’ve learned how to structure my workouts to compliment each other andmost importantly, after trying for the last 3 years to get into better shape and never getting anywhere, I now know what was holding me back. With my new mindset and knowledge it is no longer a question of ‘how’, just ‘how long’ and ‘how much effort’.

Every measurement with gradual progress kept me motivated. With a preexisting knee injury, we managed to rehabilitate it and improve overall joint stability. I now have a renewed confidence and strength in performing full range squats with weights heavier than before (although this which was counted with my hatred of the prowler)! Then discovering green juice, steel cut oats, lentils, chickpeas and kale (none of which I had tried before) was a massive plus point! I met my body fat percentage goal and finally saw some abs. In addition, a better understanding of how nutrition affects performance, learning proper technique of varied exercises, how to structure programs,a set of habits that consistently gets me to the gym and eating well.

The physical benefits of using a plant based diet were mind blowing. More energy and delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) completely disappeared (even though I was working harder than ever)Actually looking forward to the gym and hitting personal bests at different lifts. I would definitely recommend Luke as a coach. Not only does he have the knowledge and experience, he walks the talk. On top of all that he understands the importance of the mindset and positivity in achieving goals.

Aron Bury, Software and Business Coach

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