Chris Blackman

I had become someone I didn’t want to be, and it took relationship breakdowns before I realised what was happening. I needed help so I came to see Luke. It was the lowest point I have experienced in my life. I wanted to know how I’d got myself here and what I could do to change.

The sessions with him helped me identify my own crossroads in life, paths I’d chosen to take and times where I wasn’t being honest with myself. It’s made it much easier to actually learn something from experiences.

My favorite advice was to trust my instincts more, make more decisions with my heart. Inside, I know what’s right. And besides, where has my head ever got me?

The mindset coaching sessions with Luke were something I’ll treasure for life. I’m more accepting of other’s opinions and overall have been a much happier person.

Chris Blackman, IT Manager

Luke TanComment