Jeff Perz

I am vegan and I live interstate, in a remote town in Alice Springs. I wanted a passionate vegan to provide me with strength training. I had six weeks of holidays from work, so I flew to Melbourne and started the program with Luke.

Luke was really knowledgeable with plant-based nutrition and customised exercise prescription. The goal was for me to drop body fat, put on more muscle and improve my overall posture. In the short time that I trained with Luke, I achieved just that. I now have renewed motivation to carry on with my training when I am back in Alice Springs.

Luke was really motivating through all our sessions and really tailored his approach to my personality. Without him, I would never have pushed myself as hard I did. After each session, I was often drenched in sweat, feeling absolutely smashed and exhausted. However, feeling myself progressing, seeing my weights increasing, I always felt accomplished at the end of the workout!

Now that I am back home, I am continuing with my training regime and Luke further supports me in my pursuits. I would recommend Luke because of his friendly personality, ability to motivate, his extensive knowledge, and the fact that he is a committed ethical vegan

Jeff Perz, Finance and Logistics Officer

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