Kerrie Norgate

When I started seeing Luke I was training a few times a week with no specific goals and not achieving great results in the gym.

I needed focus and a goal to get me motivated and to change my mindset towards training. Setting my sights on INBA Season A 2014, Luke helped me set in place realistic goals to get me in the best shape of my life! With the training program and diet guidelines Luke set for me, I was able to transform not only my body but my mind and my health in the 6 months leading up to my competition.

Through a planned vegan diet, not only did my body begin to change immediately but my health improved dramatically and my energy levels were through the roof even though I was now training twice as often and ten times as hard!

Luke monitored my progress closely; not only overseeing my physical changes but keeping an eye on my overall wellness whilst making sure I stayed mentally positive and motivated throughout my journey.

Thanks to Luke’s program I competed in INBA Bikini Novice 2014 and could not have been happier with how I looked and felt on stage.

I am now stronger and fitter than I have ever been and am loving consistently building lean muscle and creating a strong body I am truly proud of; one that is bursting with health and energy!

Luke has helped me become a healthier, happier and stronger version of myself. His unwavering motivation towards the goals of his clients is a true representation of his character and passion, he wanted me to succeed in achieving my goals as much as I did, and sometimes even more!

Luke is the type of person you want by your side when embarking on a new health and fitness journey, he is constantly motivated, encouraging, knowledgeable and always a phone call or email away when you need him most.

My journey so far has been such a positive one and I could not have achieved what I have without Luke’s guidance and support

Kerrie Norgate, Account Executive and Bikini Competitor

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