Natasha Seeto

I am a competitive vegan bikini athlete and I began my training under Luke in March 2014, and in just over two months I have seen an incredible difference in my body composition and musculature. I am currently in the best condition of my life and am excited for what the next few months will bring!

In this time I have built muscle in my weaker areas; shoulders, back and hamstrings to produce body symmetry that I am absolutely stoked with. My shoulder to hip is now balanced and accentuates my feminine curves even more!! Not to mention I have toned and shaped my quads and glutes in a way that I never thought I could!

What has impressed by with Luke’s training programs is the efficiency and structure of the workout. I spend less time in the gym and have reaped amazing results than I have previously!

Luke’s support doesn’t end with the training and diet programs; he provides mental and emotional support for his clients and shares the experience with them. He has a very caring, altruistic heart and truly wants his clients to succeed in their health and fitness endeavours.

Natasha Seeto, 2013 National Bikini Champion (INBA), 3rd place World Titles (INBA/PNBA)


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