Peter Siddle

My training schedule is hectic all year round so I needed to pay particular attention to ensure my body was getting the nutrients and fuel it needs to perform at its best.

Through nutritional coaching with Luke, I have gained not only additional muscle weight and strength, but I now have better knowledge on how I should be fuelling my body with foods during games and training.

I managed to gain extra muscle and power that I had lost from having a year round training and playing schedule and see the numbers I wanted to see not only on the scales, but also with my skin folds.

I regained additional strength, my bowling speed and endurance also increased. I din’t change my training schedule at all, but I really focussed on what was going into my body and when the optimal times were to replenish my body with the nutrients that it needs.

I would definitely recommend Luke to anyone that is interested in furthering their health through a plant-based diet, and improving their strength and conditioning.

Peter Siddle, Professional Test Cricketer for Australia

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