Shani Vetter

It was over 14 months ago that I first decided to get in touch with Luke and the team of Evolved Generation. I had found him via scouring through Facebook and was drawn in by following his plant-based world of training and nutrition – seeing that an incredible athlete such as him and also his wife Emilie could maintain their health and fitness through a plant-based lifestyle spurred me on into personally getting in touch with Luke for a consultation and the possibility of transitioning from vegetarian to vegan and how that would impact my life in my training. I myself am a trainer and so energy levels were a huge factor for me.

Luke was more than helpful in sharing his wealth of information with me and I walked away headstrong and confident within my new chosen diet and lifestyle.

Fast-forward 10 months ahead where I approached Luke very timidly with the question… “I’m thinking of entering the INBA All Female Classic – do you think I would be able to get ready in time to enter the Fitness Model division?” To which I received a resounding and enthusiastic YES!! And so my journey commenced – even as a trainer myself I knew that I needed to be accountable to someone else to keep me on track and Luke was always ready and available to advise me or help me “pull in my own reigns” on food choices when I needed it. The phases of both my diet plan and my training in the lead-up to the competition were exceptionally calculated and adjusted by Luke as needed to suit how my body was responding. I couldn’t believe the changes that were taking place in my body and mindset in the final weeks that lead up to comp day – but Luke had absolute faith and belief in me every step of the way. I could NOT have wished for a more caring, devoted and honest mentor to coach me through this process – I was never in any doubt of the methods he used and I have more trust than ever that a Plant-based diet is supreme for health, longevity and long-term leanness! My body is re-set and will never be the same – I cannot wait to see where this journey will take me next and I owe this positive adrenalin running through my sprit to one exceptional coach

Shani Vetter, Personal Trainer and Fitness Model

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