Jeremy Evans

"Being given the chance to reflect on my 12 weeks with Luke has been an important part of my journey, it's given me a greater insight into my reasons why I have chosen the path I have.

I started with Luke in January 2015 after reading an article about him on the Edgar's Mission Facebook page a few months prior. I work as a Personal Trainer myself and had struggled to find empathy for my choices in how I approach my diet. Being Vegetarian for 11 years I believed I already had a great understanding of my values from a nutritional point of view, however from a coaching aspect I knew I needed to work with someone who aligned with my values. I needed a coach who would not tell me to "just eat meat." As a trainer myself, I know the value of working with a good coach. For me it was about finding the person I wanted to be like, finding the person who was doing what I was already doing - but better and that was Luke. 

I had for too long been on the edge of becoming Vegan. I didn't need convincing as such, I just needed someone to say, "you know what, it's really going to be ok." Seeing Luke, talking with him and knowing where he was at was pretty much all I needed - it was the final piece to my puzzle. However, Luke took me through some incredible thought processing and association techniques that put the nail in the coffin and after our first session, it was done. I had chosen a completely plant based diet. 


Luke's coaching brought a fresh approach to my workouts. I had definitely stagnated with my training, getting stuck in doing the same movements and not really feeling challenged. Luke's coaching brought a new sense of inspiration to my training. Each workout was varied and challenging enough and Luke knew how to push me enough to push myself. Luke also focuses on mindset and the psychology behind training which I love. It wasn't just lift, rest, lift etc, the mental elements that Luke introduced gave me the mental clarity and strength I needed for myself and also to better my own coaching with my own clients. 

Having Luke as a coach also brought a realness to my training that had been missing for so long. Luke's sense of humor, outlook on life, shared interests and approach to life were in sync with mine and this made the experience even more enjoyable. 

The overall journey was extremely rewarding and I'm so proud of what I've achieved. I managed to reduce my body fat while increasing lean muscle mass significantly. My core strength and overall strength gains went through the roof.

Starting 2015 like this was the best thing I have done for myself in a long time. It's given me an insight as to where I want to be in 3 months and 3 years. The journey is not over and I hope it never is. And this is part of my new mindset...Luke taught me that fitness isn't really about having an end goal as such, it's about continually striving to better yourself, mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. 

Knowing you have someone sharing your journey who understands and appreciates it from your perspective is a crucial element to success. I know that without Luke's coaching I would not be where I am today."

Jeremy Evans, Personal Trainer and Dancer


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