Kate Lees

"As a vegetarian of many years and newly converted vegan, I was seeking a coach who could not only assist in transforming me physically but also provide me with nutritional advice and knowledge on how to nourish my body through a plant-based lifestyle. I wasn’t to know that I would gain so much more! After hearing Luke speak at ‘World Vegan Day’, I made the call and have not looked back.

My work as a recruiter and team leader is demanding and the rigors of everyday life led me to develop a lifestyle which consisted of irregular eating patterns, endless amounts of coffee and limited sleep. Consequently, my energy levels suffered and my mental and physical strength hit a low.

Luke has been instrumental in my amazing progress both physically and mentally. His structured program has enabled me not only to shed kilos and gain incredible muscle tone through tailored training, but elevate my energy levels through proper plant-based nutrition. As a result, my overall physical and mental strength has improved and I feel and look the best I have in my life. Throughout this journey, Luke has been nothing but, supportive, motivational, inspirational, approachable and patient. He has guided me to harness my inner strength, become present and driven in life, be self-motivated and most importantly, has lead me on the path to becoming the best version of myself.

I highly recommend Luke to anyone who is seeking a positive lifestyle change through a tailored and structured exercise program or guidance on the power of a plant-based lifestyle. Luke’s professionalism, extensive knowledge and commitment to his work and ultimately his clients, provides the perfect recipe for success. Take the step and make the change happen, you will not regret it!"

Kate Lees, Recruiter and Team leader


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