• Enhance your mental acuity 

  • Improve your physical performance with an athlete's mindset

  • Create a belief system that creates lasting changes  

  • Uncover what your intrinsic motivations are

  • Overcome trigger foods/drinks

       ...and much more



Neuro Linguistic Programming is the science of using the language of the mind to achieve specific and desired outcomes, to achieve peak mental and emotional state.



You experience an external event, based on your existing belief/value systems, you then interpret the situation a certain way.

The interpretation could be both positive or negative based on your perception

Your perception then creates an internal state, which then directly influences your physiology, finally affecting your results (desirable or not).

The cycle then feeds back into itself and creates a loop in your overall experience.



Deletions, distortions and generalisations affect your results!


When you are about to cross the street, there are literally millions of bits of information that your five senses take in. Unconsciously, you notice everything: every pedestrian, cyclist, car and bird. It would easy to get lost if you focused on all of it. Instead, you press the ‘crosswalk’ button, wait by the traffic light, and then simply cross when it’s time to do so.

At any give moment, we receive 2 million bits of information per second but we process only 134 bits of information (7 +/- chunks of information at one go) whilst deleting the rest (to make sense of it all).

We then distort the information based on our inherent values, beliefs or past experiences that result in us taking action, in-action and drawing our own conclusions.

The other way that we filter information is through generalisationsThis is a valuable tool for us to learn. It allows us to categorise information that we have remembered based on our life experiences. These generalisations may or may not serve us in wanting to achieve an empowered and enriching life.

Other filters that affect our external experience:

  • Language – The words we use to communicate internally and externally affect out reality.
  • Attitudes – Derived from values, beliefs and past experiences
  • Memories – A recollection of reactions/interpretations of past experiences
  • Decisions – Based on our memories of an event, we make decision that may or may not serve us
  • Meta Programs – Each of us function based on our internal thought behavioral patterns
  • Values – Our evaluation filter. It determines our decisions on whether something is good, bad, right or wrong. Values also determine our outcomes of any given situation.
  • Beliefs – These are generalisations we create to either empower or limit our potential.

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