Awareness - The first step to change. 

1.     The first step to change is being aware of what misconceptions there are of plant-based diets. 

2.   Through Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques, we take a deeper look at your intrinsic motivations to create sustainable physiological changes. NLP revolves around using the language of the mind and the modelling of behaviour to achieve physical, mental and emotional excellence.


Every aspect of your life is interlinked, forming the true authentic and empowered version of yourself. With the A.W.A.K.E Method, we take a three dimensional perspective to your transformation.


Why  - Driving values, beliefs and action/inaction.

1.     We address why a plant-based diet is optimal for health, enhanced physical/athletic performance, and sustainable for the planet.

2.     We also aim to ascertain why achieving your peak physiological, mental and emotional states are important to you. Your 'why' is what defines your ongoing success in the program – and in your life.


Action - Taking it into your own hands.

1.     We take a hands-on approach to helping you achieve your goals. Through activities such as cooking demonstrations, physical training sessions, and even shopping trips, our aim is to leave you thriving through motion and positive emotion.

2.     As an accredited NLP Training brand, we will not only guide you to your peak mental/emotional state, but teach you how to apply these powerful techniques yourself to improve communication, and achieve an empowered state that you can then maintain.


As the saying goes...

"Give a man a green smoothie, you nourish him for a day. Teach him to make one, you nourish him for a lifetime."


Knowledge - Satisfying the left brain.

1.     Through our comprehensive program, we provide you with tasty recipes, nutritional knowledge, and guidance on how to use nutrient dense plant whole foods to improve your physical and mental state.

2.     Understanding what makes you tick, your own mental/emotional landscape, is a great thing. Once you identify your own potential pitfalls, we will work as a team to help you make a strategy to overcome them.


Expression - Be who you were born to be.

The true privilege of lifetime is to fully embrace who you are. Whatever the goal, be it physiological changes, a greater sense of self-awareness and purpose, improving your communication strategies or building a brand that is uniquely you, we aim for you to finally feel A.W.A.K.E and alive to the best version of yourself.


Who is the A.W.A.K.E Method for?

  • Business professionals and entrepreneurs
  • Busy mums or dads 
  • Retirees
  • Personal trainers and health professionals
  • Athletes and sports people
  • Anyone interested in improving that physical, mental and emotional wellbeing 

The A.W.A.K.E Method is for you if you value the following:

  • Physical function, flexibility and mobility 
  • Health and longevity through a wholistic perspective
  • Emotional empowerment and enhanced mental acuity
  • Achieving self-fulfilment and a deep sense of purpose
  • The mind/body connection to a peak physical, mental and emotional state

The A.W.A.K.E Method is NOT for you if:

  • You are after a quick fix and a cookie cutter approach to your physical ‘transformation’
  • You value short term aesthetics over and above long term sustainable changes (read article
  • Your primary focus is fat loss or increased muscle tone/gain in the shortest amount of time possible
  • You tend to be resistant to new concepts that expedite positive change in your physical, mental and/or emotional state
  • You tend to question training philosophies/methodologies to achieve self-validation